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Friday, November 24, 2017

48-Hour IDRC Scheduling Letter Information

48-Hour IDRC Scheduling Letter Information

 Please notify the IDRC in writing prior to your scheduled attendance if you have a disability and will require assistance.

CLASSES are scheduled Friday – Sunday; you are to report by 6:00 pm.
FOOD is provided, as are beds, bed linens and towels.

YOU MUST BRING the following items:
FEE ($321.00): Fee paid by CERTIFIED CHECK or MONEY ORDER ONLY, payable to Straight & Narrow, Inc. *NO Personal Checks will be accepted. 
Sleepware, change of clothes, toiletries. If you take prescription medication(s), please bring only the amount you need for the duration of the program, in your prescription bottle(s), and advise the Nurse upon screening. Change for the candy and soda machines, if desired (NOTE: some of the machines only accept quarters). 
INSTRUCTIONS: If you cannot speak English, please bring an interpreter with you. NO electronics; only cell phones which will be checked in upon your arrival. All participants will be subject to a breathalyzer. You must call to confirm your attendance at least 2 weeks prior to class date and at that time advise us of your phone number. Upon reaching the Passaic IDRC you must also advise us if you have any medical conditions, no one admitted without prior authorization. 
EMERGENCY UPDATE POSTING(s) – (Program cancellation updates due to inclement weather), visit website: www.straightandnarrowinc.org 
IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: to check the website for posting(s) the day of your scheduled program. If a program is cancelled; contact the IDRC on the following Wednesday to be rescheduled. 

source: http://www.straightandnarrowinc.org/idrc.php