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Friday, June 09, 2017

Obtaining NJ Driver’s license abstract MVC

Obtaining NJ Driver’s license abstract MVC
Always obtain lifetime abstract, not just 5 year abstract 

Driver History Abstract Request- Form DO-21 [pdf, rev 2/2017]


A certified driver history record abstract lists all accidents, violations and actions (including, but not limited to suspensions, points credits, fee payments and restorations) incurred by a motorist. It presents the user with an official record of these events.
Permitted Users of Driver History Record Abstracts
There are a number of authorized users who may request a certified driver history record abstract from the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC). Permitted users include:
 Motorists: An individual may request a copy of his or her driver history record abstract for any purpose.
Municipal Courts, Local and Foreign States Police/ Law Enforcement Agencies: The MVC provides the support necessary for law enforcement and court access to motorist driver history record abstracts.
Employers: If requested by an employer or prospective employer the MVC will provide a driver history record abstract to verify the accuracy of personal information submitted by the individual. Federal, state and local municipalities and other government agencies may request a driver history record abstract for employment purposes. If the employment requires the employee to operate a motor vehicle the employer or potential employer may use the information to determine the individual’s driver license status. (Only those with a valid license should be hired to operate any type of vehicle as part of their job.)
Insurance Companies and Agencies: The MVC will provide a driver history abstract in connection with claims investigation activities, antifraud activities, rating or underwriting policies.
Other permitted users: Users may also be permitted if the request provides notarized written consent from the motorist in question or if the user’s request is permitted under N.J.S.A. 39:2-3.4 (c), as outlined on the application form.
Requesting a Certified Driver History Record Abstract
For your convenience, there are three easy ways to obtain a certified Driver History Abstract for $15:
Visit www.njmvc.gov (convenience fee applies)
Complete a Driver History Abstract application and mail it along with a copy of your valid driver license and a check or money order to:
NJ Motor Vehicle Commission Abstract Unit
225 East State Street
P.O. Box 142
Trenton, New Jersey 08666-0142
-Driver History Abstract applications (2 pages) are available online at www.njmvc.gov. See "Download Forms."
-In Person (for your own abstract only)
Visit any MVC Agency or Regional Service Center.
Requests for a certified Driver History Abstract require the following:
Completed application
Proof of valid photo ID
Payment of processing fee
Adherence to the permitted uses of driver history abstracts Additional Questions?
Please call the MVC at (609) 292-6500.
* Driver History Abstract requests take at least two to seven days for delivery.

(a) Printout of a New Jersey Driver License (DL)
In this example, the DL number is D4047-16371-09992. Each letter and number provides a piece of information about the driver (i.e., eye color, name, birthdate).
(b) Printout of Full Name
The name as it appears on the individual’s driver license (i.e., Dennis J. Driver)
(c) Last Document or Known Address
Mailing address provided by driver as it appears on driving record.
(d) The Requester or User Name
Name and mailing address. In this example, the requester is the OAL Transmittal Driver Improvement Unit.
(e) Class of Vehicle Licensed to Operate
In this case it refers to a basic automobile.
(f) Date the Driver License is Due to Expire
This license has been issued only as a driver license and it will expire in 2011. If there is also a motorcycle endorsement (or motorcycle only) the expiration will appear as well.
(g) The Unit Number
An internal computer code used for MVC purposes only.
(h) The Abstract Date
Date the abstract was printed by the MVC.
(i) The Event Date
The date on which each violation or event occurred, dates are listed chronologically beginning with the most recent event.
The court or MVC unit responsible for the action taken. The codes are listed on the back of the current abstract form.
In the example, the first event takes place in (17) in Atlantic County (A) Margate City Municipal Court.
A code for the kind of occurrence.
The codes are listed on the back of the abstract form. In the example, the first event is a traffic violation (V).
The MVC reference code used to uniquely identify specific events, it is the numerical or alphabetical equivalent of the event description (l). In the example, the first event is for Operating Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol (0450).
(j) The Event Responsibility
(k) The Event Type
(l) The Event Identifier
(m) The Event Description
A written description of the event, which explains the event identifier.
(n) Total Numerical Points
Points assessed for violations are noted and accumulated until a point reduction is awarded for violation free driving.
The date the occurrence is entered on the driver record by the MVC (not the date on which the event occurred).
The seal is included on a certified abstract only and appears as a watermark in the center of the document or impression in paper.
(o) The Posting Date
(p) New Jersey State Seal
(q) Chief Administrator’s Signature

This is included only on a certified abstract and is located on the bot- tom right-hand side of the abstract.