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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Consequences of a Criminal Guilty Plea in Municipal Court

Consequences of a Criminal Guilty Plea in Municipal Court
1. If you plead guilty you will have a criminal record.
2. Before the judge can accept your guilty plea, you will have to stand up in open court and tell the judge what you did that makes you guilty of the particular offense in front of all persons in the courtroom.
3. You can go to jail, pay thousands of dollars in fines, and may be barred from future employment
4. You may not be able to get a job as a teacher, public employee, banking industry, real estate or other state regulated field.
5. On employment applications, the answer to a question was you convicted of a criminal offense would be yes.
6. You must pay a $75 Safe Neighborhood Services Fund assessment for each conviction. You must pay a minimum Violent Crimes Compensation Board assessment of $50 ($100 minimum if you are convicted of a crime of violence) for each count to which you plead guilty.
7. If you are being sentenced to probation, you must pay a fee of up to $25 per month for the term of probation.
8. In all drug cases, the statute requires mandatory driver’s license suspension. New Jersey does not have a special license to go to work or school.
9. In certain matters, you will be required to provide a DNA sample, which could be used by law enforcement for the investigation of criminal activity, and you pay for the cost of testing.
10. You must pay restitution if the court finds there is a victim who has suffered a loss.
11. Future employers may not hire you because you have a criminal record. If you are a public office holder or employee, you can be required to forfeit your office or job by virtue of your plea of guilty.
12. If you are not a United States citizen or national, you may be deported/removed by virtue of your plea of guilty or denied the opportunity to become a citizen.
13. You must wait 3-5 years to expunge a first offense.  2C:52-3
14. You lose the presumption against incarceration in certain cases. 2C:44-1
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