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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS- criminal & traffic cases NJ

STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS- criminal & traffic cases NJ

       Disorderly person criminal offenses- 1 year.   This means the Complaint must be signed within one year of the offense.  It does not been the Complaint must be served on the defendant, or that the trial must be held within 1 year.

         Indictable Criminal Penalties  [Felony type]   7 year Statute of limitations
                                         Jail                      Fine                Probation
         1st degree           10- 20 years            $200,000        [presumption of jail]
         2nd degree          5-10 years               $150,000        [presumption of jail]
         3rd degree           3- 5 years                $15,000          1 year- 5 year
         4th degree           0- 18 months           $10,000          1 year- 5 year

         There are many other penalties that the court must impose in criminal cases.  There are dozens of other penalties a court can impose, depending on the type of matter. For certain offenses such as murder or sexual assault, the statute of limitations is extended.

         If you or a family member are charged with a criminal offense, you should retain an experienced criminal attorney to argue to reduce the penalties! 

         39: 5- 3               30 days Statute of Limitations except as posted below
         39: 3- 12             Illegal obtaining DL- 1 year Statute of limitations
         39: 3- 34             App. for DL while SUS- 1 year Statute of Limitations
         39: 3- 37             False App.- 1 year Statute of limitations
         39: 4- 129           Leaving the scene of accident- 1 year Statute of                                           Limitations
         39: 10- 24           Misrepresentation on title- 1 year
         39: 3- 40             Driving while suspended DWS- 90 days S of L
         39:4-50               DWI 90 days
         39: 6B- 2             No insurance- 6 months S of L
         39: 5: 31    DMV Director of Magistrate can revoke license for willful  violations even if statute of limitations has passed
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