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Sunday, April 06, 2014

Arrested in NJ ? Hire a real criminal defense attorney, not someone who sends you solicitation letters in the mail.

Arrested in NJ ? Hire a real criminal defense attorney, not someone who sends you solicitation letters in the mail.
Kenneth Vercammen's Law Office represents individuals charged with criminal, drug offenses, and serious traffic violations throughout New Jersey. Kenneth Vercammen was the NJ State Bar Municipal Court Attorney of the Year and past president of the Middlesex County Municipal Prosecutor's Association.

Try to Avoid Some of the Consequences of a Criminal Guilty Plea:

1. You will have to appear in open court and tell the judge what you did that makes you guilty of the particular offense(s)

2. If you plead guilty:

a. You will have a criminal record

b. You may go to Jail or Prison.

c. You will have to pay Fines and Court Costs.

3. If you are on Probation, you will have to submit to random drug and urine testing. If you violate Probation, you often go to jail.

4. In indictable matters, you will be required to provide a DNA sample, which could be used by law enforcement for the investigation of criminal activity, and pay for the cost of testing.

5. You must pay restitution if the court finds there is a victim who has suffered a loss and if the court finds that you are able or will be able in the future to pay restitution.

6. If you are a public office holder or employee, you can be required to forfeit your office or job by virtue of your plea of guilty.

7. If you are not a United States citizen or national, you may be deported by virtue of your plea of guilty.

8. You must wait 5-10 years to expunge a first offense. 2C:52-3

9. You could be put on Probation.

10. You may be required to do Community Service.

Don't give up! The Law Office of Kenneth Vercammen can provide experienced attorney representation for criminal and serious motor vehicle violations.

1.      Telephone consultation with client;
2.      Office consultation with client;
3.      Offer sound legal advice to client, plus access to our legal info website www.njlaws.com
4.      Preparation of Letter of Representation to Municipal Court;
5.      Preparation of Letter of Representation to Municipal Court Prosecutor;
6.      Preparation of statement to provide legal services;
7.      Copies of all correspondence to Court and Prosecutor to client;
8.      Opening of file and client may have free client case folder, Municipal      Court brochure, MVC-DMV points brochure, and Website brochure;
9.      Review of necessary statutes and case law;
10.    Follow up with Municipal Prosecutor for discovery if suspension or jail is likely;
11.    Prepare defense and mitigating factors;
12.    Miscellaneous correspondence, preparation and drafting of pleadings and legal   documents in contested serious cases;
13.    Review documents supplied by client and court;
14.    Travel to Municipal Court
15.    Negotiations with the Prosecutor and Representation in Municipal Court.
16.    Preparation of End of Case Letter and client questionnaire.
17.    Free Brochures provided on other legal topics such as Worker's Comp, Wills, Personal Injury
18.    Free  monthly update e-mail newsletter. Provide your email address;
19.    Follow up telephone advice [If you call, provide the specific questions with the message].
20.    Invitation to annual client socials/ seminars and Community events via email.
21.    Hold and maintain file for seven years in storage as free client service.

When your job or driver's license is in jeopardy or you are facing thousands of dollars in fines, surcharges and car insurance increases, you need excellent legal representation.

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