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Monday, February 04, 2013

NJAC 10A:31-25.3 Benefit to inmates

N.J.A.C. 10A:31-25.3 (2012)

§ 10A:31-25.3 Benefit to inmates

   (a) Participation in the Work Release Program provides the following benefits to inmates:

1. Provides inmates the opportunity to participate in full time normal employment or vocational training in the community;

2. Permits inmates the opportunity to develop or strengthen good work habits and skills;

3. Affords inmates opportunities to continue or strengthen constructive ties with family, friends and the community;

4. Permits the pre-release preparation of inmates and the opportunity to evaluate the readiness of these inmates for release to the community;

5. Permits disbursements to be made from inmate earnings to help defray the cost of incarceration, support dependents, reduce debts and pay court fines;

6. Enables inmates to accumulate savings to help meet financial needs or burdens after release from confinement;

7. Provides inmates the opportunity to meet family needs; and

8. Provides inmates the opportunity to earn credits which will reduce the time to be served on the inmate's sentence.