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Monday, February 04, 2013

NJAC 10A:31-25.10 Work Release Plan

NJAC  10A:31-25.10 Work Release Plan

N.J.A.C. 10A:31-25.10 (2012)

   (a) The County Work Release Administrator and the inmate shall prepare a detailed Work Release Plan (Form CWR-3 Approved Work Release Plan). The plan shall include information concerning the job, transportation and a statement authorizing the County Work Release Administrator to make disbursements from earnings.

(b) The information concerning the job placement shall include, but is not limited to:

1. The name of employer;

2. The address of employer;

3. The telephone number of employer;

4. The location of work site;

5. The hourly or other rate of pay;

6. Work days and hours;

7. A plan for overtime or shift work, if necessary; and

8. An evaluation of the job offer by the County Work Release Administrator.

(c) Each Work Release Plan shall contain a written detailed Transportation Plan. The Transportation Plan shall include, but is not limited to:

1. The dates and times of leaving and returning to the adult county correctional facility;

2. The times of arrival and departure from the job;

3. The method of transportation (for example, facility vehicle, public, private conveyance);

4. The daily cost of transportation;

5. The routes of travel; and

6. A procedure to be used when there are unexpected changes in travel arrangements, such as extended work conditions, delays caused by breakdowns, etc.

(d) If the Transportation Plan calls for the use of a private conveyance as the method of transportation, the County Work Release Administrator should ensure that the appropriate licensing, vehicle registration and insurance coverage are provided. Copies of these documents shall be contained in the inmate's file.

(e) The Transportation Plan should be flexible so as to allow for normal problems anticipated in daily travel. Generally, travel time to and from a job should not exceed one hour each way.

(f) The final section of the Work Release Plan shall include information on the disbursement of wages.

(g) When the Work Release Plan is completed and reviewed by the County Work Release Administrator, the inmate shall be asked to read and indicate his or her acceptance of the provisions of the Work Release Plan by signing it.

(h) The employer shall receive a copy of the approved Work Release Plan by certified mail, return receipt requested, along with a copy of the court's order placing the inmate in outside employment. The inmate shall also receive a copy of the Work Release Plan.


Amended by R.2000 d.332, effective August 7, 2000.

See: 32 New Jersey Register 1894(a), 32 New Jersey Register 2945(a).